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Hmmm.  Totally forgot about my blog.  Sorry.  Photo test.     Nice. 

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Friday Update: Misc.

Sadly, there isn’t a new update this week for the conversion project. [insert usual excuses here] I should be able to make some legit movement again this weekend. BUT! Before I get back to work, I am making a pit-stop

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Project: Attempted Antique Trunk to Beer Cooler Conversion Pt. 2

As you may have noticed, part one of this project didn’t have all that much in the way of progress. It had to serve more of the “explain the project” purpose, and those of you that made it all the

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New Project: Attempted Antique Trunk to Beer Cooler Conversion.

Let it be known that I used to be actively handy/crafty/makey. Those days seem so long ago now… This potentially rad-as-hell project will, hopefully, get me back in the swing of things. I am lucky enough to live in a

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iPad test

Pic plus a jump?

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Testing from phone

Testing the ease of posting from the phone.

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ch ch ch changes

gonna be funking with the theme, and trying to flesh this badboy out a bit in the next few weeks.

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