still putting this thang through it’s paces…

I’m not sure what I think of this theme, and I am still trying to figure out what I want to do website-wise,  there might not be much in the way of quality updates here.

I see there are still some hits coming through though, so that’s a reassuring thought.


anyone want to suggest a decent WYSIWYG wordpress editor if I wanted to switch to a WP powered site on my hosting?


-Justin Z-

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Up For Auction This Week.

I’ve got a few rare White Zombie records up for auction this week.

The proceeds of these auctions are going to pay to kick-start a few small projects for the next few months.


Tell your friends!


-Justin Z-

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Long time in the making.

Here it is, the first “real” post since I decided to forward my domain to this blog.

Edits and upgrades to come as I have the time / knowledge.

I just needed a blogging outlet….gotta let this stuff outta my head.

So, look forward to some random observations, funky reviews , or just random pics of things I see in my travels.


-Justin Z-

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